Sunday, 22 March 2020

Stay safe

I would just like to say stay safe everyone only go out when you need to and please shop for what you need there is enough for everyone.

Please do not panic buy as this leaves people without and think of all those workers who are key workers we can't get to the shops till we finish work and this is late afternoon and there is hardly anything left.

Today was mother's day I took my mum flowers chocolates and a card I left it on the door step and knock walked away was so hard not to give her a hug but I didn't want to pass any germs I may have had on me. I wished her happy mother's day and blew a kiss and she was so happy it made both our day. I told her to stay safe.

Take care everyone a big virtual hug for you all from me stay safe we can ride this out lets hope if everyone does as they should this will soon be over.

Shell xx

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