Friday 10 March 2023

No more blogging

 Hi there I have not put any new blog posts up since my last on the 12th February as I love to make cards and 3d projects I feel no one really cares. I get maybe one comment per post by the lovely *Vicki* and thank you very much for visiting my posts and taking the time to comment.

I get stats that 100's come look at my posts but no one comments so they must be fake stats. If there not please leave a comment.


Shell x


  1. I'm so sorry you feel this way dear Shell! I have been blogging a very long time and I like to try to encourage my fellow crafty friends whenever I can. Sometimes joining a crafting group or participating in blog challenges helps. Maybe try to enter something you create in one of those? You can find lots of challenges on Paper Playful - (Just a thought to consider.) If you love making cards, I do hope you continue to do what you love. Crafty hugs

    1. Thank you *Vicki* I have tried a few things but I just don't seem to get any comments I may blog again next week lol I will see how I feel. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting :) I will never stop crafting it's my escape.

    2. So glad to hear this Shell! :)

    3. Thanks again *Vicki* :)