Sunday, 9 May 2021

Gift Wallets

I have been using my Scan N Cut after it sitting doing nothing for nearly 5 years I had used it on the odd occasion but now I have fell in love with it and after making a few projects I upgraded to a new Scan N Cut I can see me playing with this a lot I have so many things I want to try so What this space.

These are great for when you don't know what to get someone for their birthday or any occasion as it is a gift wallet.
I used a free svg file from Dreaming Tree to make these . They are so easy to make and they hold gift cards and money. 
I used one sheet of 12 x 12 black card and another 12 x 12 in patterned paper.
I placed some gems on the corners and the clasp at the front for a bit of luxury.
To keep closed I used some velcro dots.


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