Friday, 3 July 2020

Time to make an advent calendar

Just the start box 1 and 2 just another 22 to go I am busy making an advent calendar for the Hubby and I. This is the front.

This is a new die I brought one sheet of A4 card put though a A4 die cutter and then a simple fold on the score line I didn't even need to use a bone folder and you only need too glue in 2 places great little box. I also brought the numbers and unlike other sets you get 2 number 1 and 2 great.

I will share more with you once I get some more time to do some more but with working full time crafting is now and again.

This is the side of my box I have put a Reindeer on each side you get these with the box die you also get the layers I used to put my numbers on and you get some square and scalloped circles and snowflakes dies too.  

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